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Florida Families and Homeowners Win Big

A Florida appellate court has solidified the rights of Florida homeowners who need immediate help after an emergency.  In the case of Accident Cleaners, Inc. v. Universal Ins. Company, homeowners assigned their rights and benefits under an insurance claim to Accident Cleaners, who then provided emergency cleanup services at the home.  Accident Cleaners submitted their invoice to Universal, but Universal refused to pay because it did not have a recognized insurable interest in the property.  Accident Cleaners filed suit but the trial court agreed with Universal.  Accident Cleaners appealed.

The Florida Fifth District Court of Appeals reversed the trial court, ruling that when someone sustains a loss to their home that requires immediate services or repairs, the homeowner does not have to pay for the services out of pocket.  Instead, they can assign their rights to payment for these services to the contractor so the work can begin immediately.  Also, the ruling confirms the right of homeowners to recover on a breach of contract when an insurer fails to cover all costs incurred by the insured.

A true win for Florida homeowners in times of need!

For more information about this ruling, click HERE to access the entire opinion of the court.

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