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Adoption 101: The Post I Wish Had Been Written By Someone Else Four Months Ago

Interesting first-person account of a couple beginning the process of an agency adoption. The quality of adoption agencies can vary widely, so anyone engaging an adoption agency should do their homework.

Borrowed Genes

IT BEGINS! The hubs and I have been shown our first birth mother profile, and we gave permission for our agency to share our portfolio with the expectant mother. Although this young lady will be shown a number of profiles, and it is unlikely that we will be chosen the very first time around, it feels good to finally be in this place where someone could choose us if they so desired. The idea that we could be bringing home a baby sooner rather than later makes my heart pitter-patter just to think of it.

Many people have asked me how adoption works these days, specifically open adoption. It is a concept unfamiliar to most people, unless you have gone through the process or love someone who has. WE HAD NO IDEA WHERE TO BEGIN OR WHAT WE WERE DOING.  Also, no one could really explain it particularly well.  I…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog! The goal of my writing is to be informative and transparent to others on the same journey, so I’m glad you found my post to be useful. I hope your clients will as well!~Holly


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